Vicky Katrantzi Dribusch


Vicky is a qualified German teacher with 20 years experience. She is the founder of abc-German classes for children.

Having grown up in a bilingual environment herself and also having bilingual children of her own, she has always been aware of the importance of staying in touch with your original language and culture.

Since setting up abc-German in November 2015 she has found great satisfaction in seeing the children who come to her classes develop genuine interest and passion for this language.

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Michaela Uhl


Michaela is a freelance dance teacher and German language tutor. She primarily leads movement and language based classes for primary school aged children, as well as toddlers and

Her big passion is combining creative movement, with learning languages, linking words and stories to movement thus enabling the children to experience and absorb the German language in a physical and sensory way.

Michaela has been with abc-German from the start and enjoys being able to attend to each individual child thanks to the small group sizes.

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Kirsten Collette - Weiss


Kirsten is a state approved nursery - school teacher.

One of her main interests is how to stimulate a child’s spirit of discovery and in 2014 she received an award during an advanced training programme.

For Kirsten it’s very important that the children learn in a playful way. Such as through reading stories, making rhymes, doing role plays and singing songs.

She has been working for abc-German classes since September 2017.

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Pauline Schubert


Pauline is an actress and German tutor with experience in Early Years and Primary teaching.

She loves to engage children to learn German in playful ways, using drama, music and language games.

Pauline‘s experience of working one to one with SEN children enables her to incorporate different approaches to learning in her lessons, tailoring activities to the individual needs of the children in the group.

She will start working for abc-German in the Summer Term, and can’t wait to get started!